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Advances in technology and high interest from investors and consumers have prompted dozens of electric car companies - and still more related companies - start to attract investments. There are plenty of exciting opportunities to invest in this highly competitive, fast-growing industry.

When electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla entered public markets in 2010, there were plenty of naysayers talking about the viability of EVs. Over the intervening years, critics continued to wring their hands about whether EVs would always be a niche luxury purchase even as TSLA kept powering higher. Now, in 2021, there is undeniably an electric vehicle revolution underway – and the opportunities go far beyond just Tesla. President Joe Biden wants an all-electric federal fleet, and iconic automaker Jaguar said it will be only making EVs by the year 2025.

The transition from conventional cars to electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating, directly impacting auto makers and auto parts providers.

From a consumer preference, competitive unit pricing and regulatory perspective, conventional automobiles are becoming increasingly unwelcome across the world. This accelerating trend lifts demand, which helps add production scale, increasingly helping to drive down the cost of EV ownership to a level where the economic choice tilts in favor of EVs. In the past, the demand momentum was largely driven by the environmental concerns of the buyer, subsidies, as well as increasing performance and innovation.

This is creating investment opportunities in battery cell makers, charging infrastructure and charge stations, optimization software, as well as semiconductors, cameras, etc. We strongly believe this acceleration will continue, as stickier price parity between EV and fossil fuel autos is upon us and Wright’s Law continues to drive down EV costs – especially in the battery and battery software space.

We forecasts that sales of EVs are set to exceed a 3.5% overall market share in 2021 and climb to more than 10% in 2025. More than 100 new EV options are expected to launch between 2021 and 2025.

The long-term outlook for EVs shows significant growth for the sector over the next two decades, driven by supportive government policy and acceleration of investment in the space, among other factors.

The electric car industry has been expanding for years, and stakeholders continue to invest billions into this burgeoning market. The success of the electric car industry has been years in the making, and there's much more to come.

We are roughly $17.3 million hybrid fund. Our "smart mobility" fund focuses on electric vehicle stocks as well as other emerging transportation technologies. This makes for a smart mix of components that includes electric car plays such as charging network operator Blink Charging Co. and hydrogen fuel cell player Plug Power, but also AgEagle Aerial Systems, which makes automated agricultural tractors and drones for use in farming applications.

Also, we focuses on investing in foreign equity funds and mutual funds ETFs of the operator in battery production lines, lithium mining, and the development of battery technology companies. The Master funds invest in the companies that benefit from the development of technology, products, and services related to future transportation, such as automobiles, electric vehicles, digital technology used in transportation such as autonomous cars, etc.

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Diversification opportunities in EV Sectors. To help manage risk, investors often evaluate a portfolio's level of diversification by analyzing stocks according to their market capitalization or investment style. Diversification may also be achieved by including a mix of investments in different sectors or industries. During volatile markets, being mindful of a portfolio's sector allocation may help manage risk while being positioned to potentially benefit from market trends.


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As investors, we are active - we influence a business by setting goals, putting the right management team in place, contributing to strategy development and monitoring its implementation. We take an active role in decisions that influence a company's value. We seek to be an active investor to help you realise the full benefit of our vast expertise. We recognize that the business we support need more than capital to scale and grow. Therefore we provides hands-on venture assistance to facilitate the development and growth process of our portfolio companies. Our aim: to help you be successful and grow your capital so you can make an impact in a bigger, better, faster way than going it alone. We aim to be a leading wealth manager with strong global investment capabilities.