Electric vehicles mixed fund

We are roughly $17.3 million hybrid fund. Our fund focuses on investing in foreign equity funds and mutual funds ETFs of the operator in battery production lines, lithium mining, and the development of battery technology companies. The Master funds invest in the companies that benefit from the development of technology, products, and services related to future transportation, such as automobiles, electric vehicles, digital technology used in transportation such as autonomous cars, etc.
The return for investors is 0.5%-1.8% daily and total Return on investment (ROI): 115%-154% monthly.

Smart strategy

Electrical Investment Fund will help you earn higher investment returns than from equity investments

Systematic wealth accumulation

Investment fund let you invest in otherwise inaccessible markets and participate in market movements with even small investments. No charges on deposits and withdrawal.

Low risk through diversification

Diversification keeps the risk of loss low. If the fund company declares bankruptcy, investors will be entitled to their assets. Build wealth easily and systematically over time.

Manifold opportunities

We identify, mentor and integrate within our network innovative business ideas at different levels of their development. With attractive return opportunities.

Best perfomance

Fund structure

Diversification opportunities in EV Sectors. To help manage risk, investors often evaluate a portfolio's level of diversification by analyzing stocks according to their market capitalization or investment style. Diversification may also be achieved by including a mix of investments in different sectors or industries. During volatile markets, being mindful of a portfolio's sector allocation may help manage risk while being positioned to potentially benefit from market trends.


Electric vehicles


Battery cell markers


Charging infrastructure


EV software developing


Lithium mining


Autonomous cars

An exciting future

About our company

Advances in technology and high interest from investors and consumers have prompted dozens of electric car companies - and still more related companies - start to attract investments. There are plenty of exciting opportunities to invest in this highly competitive, fast-growing industry.

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How we work

As investors, we are active - we influence a business by setting goals, putting the right management team in place, contributing to strategy development and monitoring its implementation. We take an active role in decisions that influence a company's value. We seek to be an active investor to help you realise the full benefit of our vast expertise. We recognize that the business we support need more than capital to scale and grow. Therefore we provides hands-on venture assistance to facilitate the development and growth process of our portfolio companies. Our aim: to help you be successful and grow your capital so you can make an impact in a bigger, better, faster way than going it alone. We aim to be a leading wealth manager with strong global investment capabilities.

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Proposal for investors

Investment plans

You have money you want to invest? You're seeking returns from a small investment made on competitive terms?
Our investment plan is an individual scheme for investment, through which you will earn automatically and regularly, eventually realising your plans. Build wealth easily and systematically over time. With attractive return opportunities.

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For all deposits:
  • Instant payments. No fees
  • Initial deposit will be returned.
  • Minimum withdrawal: $1
Payment system

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Affiliate program

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